Titan Quest Review

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Titan Quest is impressive to look at.  Waist-tall weeds and flour fields part under your feet, their tops swaying in the wind.  Rocks and other debris litter the landscape which is often heavily populated with foliage ranging from grass to dense jungle.  The insides of areas are detailed according to the land in which they are located. Grecian structures feature a columned look, with long-worn carvings adorning the walls. Egyptian structures are decorated with ancient hieroglyphs with sarcophaguses, burial chambers, and statues littered about.  The Japanese cities have Fu Dogs and multi-tiered Pagoda buildings.  All in all it is a great landscape in which to slaughter and loot. 

On my XPS M170 laptop, I was able to run at maximum widescreen resolution of 1900×1200 with every bell and whistle turned on, including Anti-Aliasing.  Though this did provide the richest experience, with fantastic lighting, particle effects, and shadows, I found that turning off V-Sync and Anti-Aliasing improved the overall frame rate greatly.  The fact is that the game can and will chug and lag out quite a bit with these options turned on.  Turned off, there is a slight bit of jaggedness to some of the graphics, but this is being addressed by the developer shortly with a second patch.

Essentially, Titan Quest delivers a great visual experience, albeit with some high requirements and the occasional framerate hiccup.

The sound and music in Titan Quest pretty standard fare.  Typically you only really notice the music when you are in town, as the volume seems to inexplicably double.  It is dynamic and will amp up a bit when there are bosses nearby.  The voiceovers, on the other hand, are a bit of comedy.  The early Greek voices are decent, but the Asian voices just made me laugh.  They are bad comedy at best, sounding like a stereotype that a comic might perform in a skit.  Thankfully, you can simply walk away from anyone you are talking to and read the quest descriptions later.  In fact, you can walk away from any of the overly-chatty people in the towns and it really won

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