After just one weekend in the theaters Thor the God of Thunder is tearing it up. Marvel

A Movie Tie in Not Tied Down by the Movie?


Given that the game is tied in with a movie release, it

God of War/Thunder


In a smart move, Sega literally took the God of War formula and did their best to apply it to the Thor universe. Gameplay is from the third person perspective and almost all of Thor

Controlling Thor is fairly straight forward. Hitting the A button performs the lions share of the attacks. Where Thor may lose some people is with the motion controls. There are attack combos galore to be performed. Most of the them start with the A button but they also require the use of motion controls. Hit the A button, but miss the flick of the wrist upwards and the combo won

As you defeat enemies, Thor

One thing that always elevates the God of War series for me is the sound. Kratos is such an audibly strong character, when he speaks you better listen. The music in God of War also does a great job of setting the mood. Unfortunately, Thor drops the ball in this department. Sure, Sega hired Chris Hemsworth to voice Thor and Tom Hiddleston to voice Loki, but they honestly sound like they were just phoning it in. Thor never really sounds all that menacing or pissed off. If Thor and Kratos got into a scream off, Thor would be beaten to a bloody pulp. The music doesn