The graphics pleasantly surprised me considering how one-note they are at first glance. The majority of the game takes place under cover of the titular Eternal Night so one might assume everything would be dark and gloomy as befits the subject matter. Imagine the shock of seeing brightly colored plants and other vegetation as well as detailed enemies who bring the pastels along with the fury.

The character models for Spyro and the enemies are fairly blocky and one-note though, so if you

Elijah Wood struck me as an odd choice to voice Spyro, but he does an excellent job. It never seems as though he is sitting around reading a script in order to get through it. He infuses Spyro with a quiet and reserved dignity and gives Spyro, more than anything else, a genuine soul. Regrettably, he

The controls are easy to pick up and run with so we


This Spyro may not have a large amount of replay value, but it remains consistently fun throughout to ensure a solid gaming experience. Add to that collecting well-hidden items scattered across each level along with (for the most part) solid fighting mechanics, and this is a genuinely neat game to play through. It isn