Super heroes, zombies, giant insects, aliens, giant eyeballs, infrared vision, satellite maps and hordes of helpless people to rescue. If you thought all of those things couldn

The game is played from an overhead aerial perspective so you are not zoomed in close to the action. Instead each level was created using real aerial photographs that were then translated in to extremely detailed and accurate representations of cities like London, Sydney, Asakusa and many other cities. The map areas themselves range in size, but most of them are very large and represent several square blocks of the world

The sound effects, announcer and music in The Last Guy all have a very charming Japanese flavor. The game sounds very much like a typical arcade game with loud over the top announcements, citizens who scream when zombies get near, zombies who growl and an announcer who will encourage the player on. Each level starts with the announcer screaming The controls in The Last Guy are very simple. You use the analog stick to move the hero around the map, the X button is used to sprint and the O button is used to call survivors into a huddle around the hero. You can also zoom the map in and out failry easily. That

Your mission in The last Guy is simple. You play as the Earth The Last Guy is available on the PSN for $9.99. That