You are Jason Bourne, or at least that is what the passport you are holding says.   Who is Jason Bourne?  Is he a trained, merciless killing machine?  Maybe that is what the silenced pistol underneath the other passports with your pictures is trying to say.  How do you define yourself when you can

Buzzword Bingo time!  Bourne is powered by the Unreal Engine 3, utilizes the AGEIA PhysX system,  is entirely motion captured in High Moon

If you have a taut, high-paced action title on your hands, there is only one guy to turn to for a soundtrack

There is only one driving sequence in The Bourne Conspiracy, so the vast majority of the time you

Vivendi and High Moon met early on with Ludlum Entertainment, and according to Design Director and VP Paul O

This brings me to the blessing / curse of The Bourne Conspiracy.  The game is entirely and completely on rails.  While it does fit with the