When The Beatles: Rock Band was announced, I thought to myself,

Kicking things off, there is an awesome animated sequence that gives a bit of an overview of the all-too-brief career of The Beatles, complete with psychedelic Blue Meanies and Yellow Submarines.  The animation was farmed to three outside companies outside of Harmonix named The Ebeling Group, MK12, and Passion Pictures (at least that

Unlike any other single-band music titles, this game doesn

Coo Coo Career Mode


The gameplay is split up in a very similar fashion to that of Rock Band and Rock Band 2.  There is a quickplay mode that allows you to play any of the tracks on the disc at will either as a band or in competitive modes like Tug of War and Score Duel.  Training modes give you access to Beatle Beats – a mode that lets you practice the styling of Ringo Starr



There are a few gameplay changes in addition the new three part harmony modes present in The Beatles: Rock Band.  First and foremost, and likely done to try to pull in as many new fans as possible, the game is far easier than any music title to date.  You can still chose Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert, but on our first run through the game we five starred all but three songs on our first attempt with the hard difficulty selected.  The second big change is likely due to the wide influence of the many folks involved in this project – drum fills have been removed from the game (you just get a larger green note to set off Beatlemania), and the whammy bar doesn