I The graphics in TTR: NIN could best be described as minimalist.   It is simply three

TTR: NIN consists of 13 tracks culled from NIN TTR: NIN controls exactly like most other rhythm games.   Notes descend towards you on 3 strings, and you need to tap on them (hence the name) as they cross a specific marker towards the bottom of the screen.  TTR adds in an additional challenge with directional arrows that require you to shake the iPhone in that direction (left, right, or up/down).  The actual tap mechanic works fine, although my fat fingers have a hard time when there is a barrage of quick notes on a single string.   Unfortunately, the shake mechanic doesn

There With only 13 songs, you can rip through TTR: NIN pretty quickly.  However, I found myself wanting to play each of the songs at the separate difficulty levels, just to see how well I could do.  For those interested in high scores, there is the option to upload to an online leaderboard when each song is completed.   Unfortunately, the leaderboards only provide your individual score on one tab and the top 15 scores on another, so there