I used to be the manager of an EB Games.  I recall the excitement and preorders for Superman 64 on the Nintendo 64, and the frenzy of Superman fans that assaulted my gates on release day.  It

I have to say that the graphics in Superman look pretty damned super, at least the screenshots do anyway.  Brandon Routh, the actor that portrayed Superman in the movie, is meticulously recreated for his in-game counterpart.  The famous cape whips in the wind and ripples like you would expect it to, and comes to rest slowly behind the caped hero.  During (most) cutscenes, Lex Luthor is also well-modeled after actor Kevin Spacey who portrayed him in the movie.  Sadly, this is where the super graphics end.

As I mentioned before, this game was made for multiple platforms.  With the Xbox 360 being the most powerful of the slated systems, you

There are few people that can

Controlling Superman is split into two sections

My primary axe to grind with this title is that it has managed to capture everything that Superman isn

When a game is derived from a license, the value of the game is often heavily invested in the value of the franchise. Superman is one of the biggest franchises ever, but this game suffers from the Kryptonite of a short development cycle.  Doing some basic math that the game was roughly 30% complete at E3 in May, and is 100% complete now, it tells you that they started development of the title at the beginning of 2006.  More effort seems to have been placed on acquiring the license than using it effectively. 

There are roughly 10 hours of gameplay (which is inaccurately represented when the game is saved