There have been several reviews out for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed prior to the Sunday launch embargo date.  I have purposely not read them. There were several videos that gave in-depth walkthroughs of the overall premise of the game released recently.  I have purposely not watched them.  While I have kept a watchful eye on the conversations in my forums regarding the game, I

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed uses entirely home-grown technology, with the exception of the Havok engine for some physics work.  Introducing two other technologies entitled Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) and Euphoria, LucasArts looks to approximate a real human

There is a very easy way to give a Star Wars game perfect sounds

There are two ways to make things more difficult in a game

Somewhere in the galaxy there is a Jedi village.  The hospitals there are surprisingly empty, but there is a large bin somewhere with

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will last you roughly 10 to 12 hours to complete the first time.  If you re-run the last level you can tack on an extra hour to watch the second ending cutscene.  When you have beaten the game you