STAR TREK: Legacy places you in the Admiral

Stunning indeed! The galaxies in the background are gorgeous. The nebulas were colorful, but brief. The planets in the galaxies were little more than flat photos. They looked great, but there was no sense of distance or atmosphere with them. In fact, I thought I was in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 after my bumped my ship into one. It was B-movie special effects at best in that regard. The ships themselves were quite detailed and the damage models were gruesome. When my ship was hit with a torpedo, large fragments of my craft were gone. It was rather amazing they would

The background music is the same orchestral score we

Get some coffee because this is long, but it is for your own good. The controls in this game are just horrific. The entire game is run with a total of 10 keys; perhaps because that was all they had on the 360 controller. That might sound like a good thing, but they

If it looks pretty, sounds pretty, but handles like a Yugo under water, how good can the game be? As a space-sim, I can

You can play 3 levels of difficulty and 4 different races and dozens of different ships. So in terms of volume you can play this quite a bit. The story is pretty linear so once you beat it you can only make it a more difficult path. The voice acting and storyline are good quality, but you