The original Star Ocean 2 received fair to middling reviews by critics, but was generally well received by gamers.  While you typically won

SO: SE deserves kudos for its amount of voice acting, most of which is extremely well done.  Unfortunately, this voiceover work is completely wasted on the mind-numbingly boring script and extremely stilted writing style.   I constantly found myself jamming the X button in order to skip past line after line of conversation that never went anywhere.   While they were perhaps being true to the original script, this is a game that desperately needed some tightening up in that department.  There was a bizarre tendency to over-describe everything.  For example, instead of having the characters simply say,

Overworld and town controls are pretty standard fare.  X interacts with people or objects, Triangle opens the menu, etc.  It

SO: SE tells the adventure of Claude C. Kenney (the son of the hero from the original Star Ocean game).  Claude encounters a mysterious portal on an alien planet which magically transports him to an unknown planet.  He encounters a local girl (Rena), saves her life, and is immediately assumed to be the Hero of Light SO: SE is a decent sized game, and will probably take most gamers around 30-40 hours to finish.  Add another 10 or so if you want to complete side quests and grind for the SP needed to level all the skills.   You are actually given the option to play the game as either Claude or Rena.  While this can give you a fresh perspective on some of the story events, I didn