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The Source engine appears to be aging nicely because Sin Episodes: Emergence is a very pretty game that looks solid even on low end machines. The good news is that the game won

The aforementioned “my knees” comment is one of many fun sounds scattered throughout Sin Episodes: Emergence. Enemy soldiers scatter when fired upon and radio in for reinforcements, or scream how they

The control scheme is completely customizable and follows the standard W-A-S-D keyboard plus mouse combination. Again, nothing you PC gamers haven

Move around, get shot at, shoot back at stuff, move on, find secret, blow stuff up, move on again. That

The game remains start to finish a very standard first-person shooter albeit one with ragdoll physics and shiny explosions. There are also a ton of secrets hidden throughout the game, some of which are absolutely hilarious. Some are just crates with health and ammo but other secrets are… more elaborate in nature. All of them are worth finding though because if you do manage to find them all the final battle gets a heck of a lot easier. I