In the original Persona 3 you played as a male character.  He was broody and gave off the impression that he wasn

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What is similar is the fact that you are in school and you have to build the relationships.  Who you talk to and how you answer them creates S-Links.  These S-Links allow you to gain more Personas.  They also help you to gain more powerful Personas when merging Personas together.  The stronger the relationship, the stronger the S-Links, the more powerful Personas that can be created.


Tartarus is still explored during the Dark Hour, when you have to combat the Shadows.  Tartarus was quite the grind in the original P3, but some new enhancements have come with P3P.  First of all, you can control all of your characters if you like.  In the previous games you had to rely on the AI to control the actions of your teammates.  While the AI was competent, there were times when it made some mind-boggling decisions.  Being able to control all members of your party can also make it easier to make All-Out Attacks.

When your party members got tired in the middle of Tartarus in P3, their attacks became less affective.  You would have to exit Tartarus, rest for a few days, and then go back into Tartarus where you finished and work your way through a few more levels until you and your party got tired again.  In P3P, you don

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