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The cel-shaded graphics in Rogue Galaxy do an excellent job of bringing the galaxy of Rogue Galaxy to life with bright colors and amazing visuals.  The dark lines from early cel-shaded games like Jet Set Radio Future have been replaced with refined lines that don

The music definitely has taken its cue from other RPG titles.  After the end of every successful battle a short victory tune is played.  The music has a futuristic but majestic feel.  The music isn

Since a majority of RPG titles are turn-based affairs, the controls aren

Rogue Galaxy starts out as a very typical RPG.  You are introduced to the main character and are shortly joined up with the other characters of the game that become members of your party.  A few other characters introduce themselves and soon you are on your way to the main adventure.  The beginning is a little slow as it has a lot of cutscenes to set up the story, but it

The back of the box of Rogue Galaxy claims to have over 100 hours of gameplay.  While I do think that it