For those of us that have missed being a subversive element, never fear!  Volition and THQ have brought us the third installment of the Red Faction series and it has never been so much fun to be a troublemaker.  If you

As anyone who saw the excellent 1990 documentary Total Recall can tell you, Mars is kind of boring looking.  I mean, it

The voice acting is average, and I blame the sheer forgetability of the characters more on their lack of development than the quality of the actors Controls feel natural and will be easy for anyone to pick up. The left stick is used to move around and the right stick is used to look.  The controls are completely customizable, but the default layout works very well, with some nice little twists.  Weapon swapping is handled via the R2 button.  You can tap the R2 to cycle through weapons or hold it down and manually pick the weapon you want.  You crouch by using the L3 button, and can configure it to either crouch only while L3 is held down or to switch back and forth between crouching each time you press that button.  With so many options available, everyone should be able to find a configuration that fits their needs perfectly.

The overall goal of RF: G is to rally the workers behind your cause while at the same time removing the control that the evil EDF has over the people.  While so many games have some kind of contrived method of teaching you how the game works, RF: G accomplishes this in a refreshing way.


You receive your initial information from your brother, with him explaining to you how there are six separate areas of Mars, and that he lives and works in the first of these areas, Parker.  Once you are given proper motivation to join and fight for the resistance (I won

Some gamers are old school enough that they can recall games that used a