Fire has always been a big threat to any urban population, and Real Heroes: Firefighter for the Wii gives players an opportunity to fight back. Developed by Epicenter Studios, RH:F is presumably the first game in the

The story is a bit clich

The individual missions take place in a variety of locales, but unfortunately there is no story arc to connect the otherwise unrelated missions. This title relies on the gameplay mechanics to provide the core experience, but even a simple story arc tracking wildfire progress would have been nice. As for the locations themselves, they

Sadly, the graphics are one of the shortcomings of this otherwise interesting title. Nintendo

The gameplay in RH:F takes full advantage of the Wii controller. The fire-axe is controlled by swinging the Wiimote up and down, and even though you

As mentioned, the game allows for freeform movement through the different maps, and the fire has its own AI to control how it spreads. However, the mission design still basically guides the player from hotspot to hotspot, with scripted events taking over at certain points. Nowhere is this more apparent than during escort scenarios, where you must escort civilians to safety using a particular path. Never mind that there