Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time kicks off with a quick rundown of the events of the last game, as well as the events of the recently released DLC, courtesy of

The planet that Ratchet and Quark crash landed on is very unusual – it seems that time is warped here, leaving birds locked mid-flight and falling objects left in mysterious stair-like configurations – perfect for a platforming adventure!  It also serves as an introduction to the named-obvious theme of the game – time.  It isn

Ratchet and Quark begin to discover some of the secrets of the Zoni.  It seems that they are part of a hive mind – weak on their own, but powerful when assembled.  As Ratchet learns their secret, a character named Lord Vorselon descends on the city and captures Quark.  Ratchet jumps in his trusty ship to take down this mechanical warlord.  It

Once you get into your ship you

The levels you