Prince of Persia was a staple of my childhood.  I played through it time and time again on the Amiga 500, and then played it again on my Genesis Master System.  A Prince had fallen in love with the Princess of Persia and had scaled a wall to catch a glimpse of her.  Unfortunately, with the Sultan of Persia away for war, the Vizier Jaffar seizes the opportunity to imprison the Prince and forces the Princess to marry him within an hour or be killed.  You play as the Prince, and your mission is obvious

Ubisoft, like many top-tier developer/publishers tend to share their assets within.  Prince of Persia uses the Scimitar engine that was used in Assassin

Inon Zur is on fire!  From the fantastic soundtrack to Fallout 3, to the incredible soundtrack for Prince of Persia, this guy can

For as acrobatic as the Prince is, there is no doubt that the controls are actually quite simple.  The left and right analog control the movement and camera, as you

More than any other Prince of Persia game, this title has more questions than answers.  The game takes place in Persia (at least that much is clear, voice acting notwithstanding), but little else is known.  Is this the same Prince?  Is his donkey Farah actually a donkey, or is this the Prince trying to find Princess Farah?  What about the gauntlet?  What it its origins?  Where did the Prince obtain it?  Is it a hold-over from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within or Two Thrones?  There is so much that is unexplained, and having completed the game I can The game takes roughly 12 hours to complete, and you