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Have you played Mario Party? If so, the basic concept of Pac-Man Party should be instantly familiar. There

Along the way, various events will happen. For instance, some spaces present you with four treasure chests, and picking one will give you either something good, bad, or neutral. Boss creatures can flood the stage so that no new castles can be formed, and you can fight them alongside your fellow players.


The graphics are pretty decent in Pac-Man Party. It

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The minigames are all fairly varied, too. Some will ask you to control your character by tilting the remote, while some might ask for the D-pad. Others might ask you to swing the remote around and some need you to point at the screen. The versatility of the Wiimote is on full display, and most of the games are easily controlled.


However, I do have to take issue with the boss battles. We played against a giant octopus and all of us found ourselves whining about how many times you had to shoot at him in order to kill him. It took all of us a good five minutes of shooting to bring him down, which got to be really annoying.


Second, one of my major beefs with the Mario Party series is how consistently the game rapes you. Those who

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