Movie tie-in games are a staple of the entertainment industry, so it

As expected from a licensed game, Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts features several prominent characters from the computer-animated movie. Static pictures of the characters are shown during the story text portions, along with animated characters used during the gameplay sections. As expected, the player is in control of Hammy, the hyperactive squirrel. Disappointingly, the character animation loops are fairly standard, with a quirky little idle animation that makes it look like Hammy has the hiccups.

Hopefully the player is more interested in playing the game than watching the character animations. Sadly, the background art and in-game objects aren

The game features chirpy little tunes, which are adequate for most purposes, but which also become repetitive. The game also includes the standard sound effects for a golf ball bouncing off of various surfaces, and overall the sound and music seem very ordinary. There are definitely games where I get excited about the sound design, but this isn

The controls are fairly straightforward. During the first part of a level, the D-pad controls Hammy

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Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts (GBA) has a number of different modes, including the traditional story-mode as well as hotseat multiplayer support. The story-mode lets the player go back and replay any completed levels, and there are awards and trophies for completing the mini-golf levels in as few strokes as possible. Along with the awards, the player will earn points that can be traded in to unlock additional characters for multiplayer. However, the story itself is fairly uninteresting, and there are much better golf games available for the GBA, meaning that the movie license is the only thing that really adds much value to the game.