Over G Fighters Review

After Burner was one of the first arcade flight sims.  Since the game was an arcade game, the controls were rather simple.  Yet, being able to fire rockets at enemy jets or trying to bring them down with your guns felt very satisfying.  Shaking a jet on your tail attempting to get a lock was an intense experience.  Since then other games have tried to give a fun arcade flight experience.  That

The jets in Over G Fighters have the most impressive graphics in the game.  Over G Fighters sports over thirty different jets for you to fly, and each one looks absolutely gorgeous.  Each of them is modeled realistically with accurate weapon points.  You can see the weapons mounted to the plane.  Photos of the plane you are using are shown between the mission screen and the start of the mission.  It

The music is rather

Controlling a flight sim using a console controller is a unique experience, especially when you have PC games that require the full use of the keyboard.  Over G Fighters does a nice job to let you control all aspects of the plane on the Xbox 360.

The left analog stick controls pitch and yaw, the bumpers increase and decrease your thrust, and the triggers control the rudder.  Using the D-pad, up toggles the airbrakes, down toggles the landing gear, left performs a special function depending on the plane you are using, and right changes your current target.  The right analog stick looks around in the cockpit, while clicking on the right analog stick changes your camera.  Y changes your weapons, X switches to guns, B releases chaff or flares, and A fires your main weapons.

There are two modes for the controls, Realistic and Arcade.  The game comes set to Arcade, but the jets don

The Scenario Mode is where you find most of the action in the game.  You are presented with a map and you select your mission depending on what is available on the screen.  Then a briefing is given, you select your jet, then your wingman, and then your armament.  Once you

The scenario mode contains over 75 single-player missions, which is a large number of missions.  You won

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