Neopets is an internet phenomenon similar to the Tamogatchi craze in Japan.  At the Neopets site you create a virtual pet that you interact with.  Some of the Neopets look cute and cuddly, almost too cute for their own good.  Others look a bit devilish and demented, while still having a cute factor to them.  The site has games to play and merchandise to purchase.  Now they are branching out to the PS2 and PSP.

In Neopets: Petpet Adventures

The graphics in Neopets are rather simple.  The characters are all in 3D, and while the characters are well animated, they aren

The music in the game is whimsical, lighthearted, and upbeat.  They almost have a jungle beat to them, with percussion driving the main theme and some occasional howls accenting the melody.  It actually feels appropriate for an action game.

When talking to the characters in the game, the characters talk in gibberish.  While this doesn

The controls for Neopets are surprisingly simple.  Movement is handled by the analog nub, while changing the quick items and toggling weapons are handled with the D-pad.  The X attacks with your Petpet while Circle blocks attacks.  Picking up items is done with the Square and using the quick items is done with the Triangle.  Select goes to the Character menu and Start pauses the game.  Using the L or R button rotates the camera so you can see different areas of the field easier.

Movement is simple, but sometimes blocking in the right direction is difficult because of the sensitivity of the analog nub.  Also, attacking can either be done with button mashing or a mix of attacks and blocks.  If you forget about the block, you can wind up hitting the attack button constantly, almost like clicking your mouse in Diablo II.

At the start of the game you select your Petpet.  Four distinctive Petpets are able to be chosen.  One is balanced, one has a strong offense, one has a strong defense, and one has enhanced magical powers.  Each of them also has different resistances.  However, the differences between the three are rather minor, so you wouldn Neopets can be completed rather quickly.  If you take a weekend and concentrate on the game, you