Need For Speed is a constantly evolving racing series. It began as just simple track racing, but evolved from that, to a game with daring police chases, to an amazing dive into the world of street racing. Since its turn to street racing it has been constantly becoming more and more refined, and every year the game does not fail to impress.

Carbon is a further expansion of Need For Speed Carbon has a special edge in the graphics department. The city comes to life as the lights shine across the skyline of the city. The cars you own become intricately woven masterpieces of art with the amazing car graphics and aftermarket modifications. Online when you There isn The controls are tight and since this is a computer game, changeable. There is nothing to dislike about controls that you set yourself button for button. But even with the control scheme being changeable, the cars handle extremely well and with their own unique style.

With that said, veterans of the need for speed series should be comfortable jumping right back into the newest installment of the series, while newcomers to the series should have no trouble learning the controls. They are easy to use, and very intuitive for a computer game. The pinnacle of this game is it Although the online play lasts for a significant amount of time, meaning you can basically play until your hands fall off, the single player is not exactly something you