A long time ago in an elementary school not too far away, there sat a young boy with an overactive imagination. He frequently dismissed what the harsh old hag of a teacher had to say and instead took solace in the exquisite drawings he was capable of. He was enamored by the idea of crafting a dungeon so remorseless, so devious, and so brutal that no hero would ever be able to escape it.


What lay at the heart of the dungeon didn

One positive for Monsters Vs. Aliens is that it has lots of flashing bright colors and is, generally, a very cheery game to look at. The detailing in the game world is extensive to say the least, with the alien ship later in the game being a particular standout. On those missions you play as BOB, a riff on the blob, and one of his abilities is sticking to walls. It sounds obvious when you say it out loud, but the way his levels bend and shift around him causes your perspective to shift with it. Simplistic gameplay it may remain, but the visual aesthetic of BOB stuck to a rotating floor that spins through the air like a demented corkscrew is superb.


The developers had a terrific attention to detail with the characters as well. Susan (the 49

The controls are pretty basic for Monsters Vs. Aliens so as not to confuse the audience. Each monster has their own specific attacks and moves to fight off the alien menace. For example, Ginormica (aka Susan) glides on her footwear of choice like an outsized version of Rollergirl. This enables her to ride rails (ala Ratchet & Clank) as well as move quickly to tackle larger enemies. The game also gives you numerous on screen prompts on what buttons to hit when which spells out the controls during the (over)extended first level.


The Missing Link has more fighting options available because he

The player assumes three roles in Monsters Vs. Aliens

Monsters Vs. Aliens is bland and uneventful, despite the constant enemy attacks and explosions. One would think based on this philosophy that by simply hurling things at the screen often enough, entertainment must surely follow. This would be incorrect. The game fails to entertain much as the film does for pretty much the same reason