After a 2 minute hard drive cache, it was time to get a good look at MLB 07: The Show.  It was at this point that I realized that MLB 07 is all about subtle detail.  Since this is an officially licensed title, there is an incredible amount of authenticity to the look and feel of the game.  It was amazing to see Bank One Ballpark with its pool, convertible roof, and dirt path between the pitchers mound and home plate.  Once the players took the field, I also got to see the level of detail in the players.  Since dozens of professional players stepped into the mocap suits, we get a very authentic and realistic animation system that has to be seen.  Players chew gum, you can see the laces in the inside of their gloves, and dirt accumulates on the player uniforms in a realistic fashion.  Rail an easy hit back at the pitcher and he

We all know the sounds of baseball

We could go over the general mechanics of the buttons that make your character move, but you

The Arizona Diamondbacks are LAZY!  Well, at least in the pre-season they were.  Twice during play I smashed the ball deep into center field and the AI simply broke.  My shortstop left his position and ran all the way to the wall to grab the ball while the outfielders (me too fellas!) watched in horror.  I

This game allows for players who are new to the sport, as well as veterans, to make the game that they want.  There are more game adjustments than I