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Yes Dave, Samus is a Girl
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No Soup For You!
Part of the contrived and ridiculous plot is that Adam has restricted weapons use on the ship.  Rather than doing the usual

A Test of Metal
The strongest part of Metroid Other M is the combat.  The game is played roughly 85% on a sides-scrolling semi-2D plane, punctuated by some scanning, grappling, and missile use from the first person perspective.  Holding the Wiimote horizontally, the game takes on more attributes of the original titles, allowing Samus to run, jump, fire her weapons, and use Maru-Mari to explore.  However, at any point you can point the controller towards the screen and Samus will switch to a first-person perspective.  This mode allows you to lock onto targets, but it does not allow you to move.  Since the game does not use the nunchuck, there is simply no mechanic for it.  Amazingly, there were few instances where I felt this transition to be cumbersome.   Early in the game there are flying creatures that spawn endlessly from a nearby nest

Beauty and the Blaster
Metroid Other M is one of the best looking Wii titles I

In the interests of cinematography, occasionally the game shifts in to an over the shoulder camera mode that has Samus holding her gun up in a ready position, slowly walking through an area.   Having beaten the game, I