Back in the day, I used to spend a great deal of time playing side-scrolling shooters, with some of my favorites being games like Contra and Rush

Metal Slug XX is basically a port of Metal Slug 7, which came out for the
Nintendo DS in 2008. The only real additions to the PSP version are some
additional content, co-op multiplayer, and downloadable content, the latter
being an extra character you can use for a dollar. So, those who have played
Metal Slug 7 can probably safely skip this one, unless the idea of the ad-hoc
multiplayer is extremely appealing.


The gameplay consists of running through levels, shooting and knifing
enemies, all while trying to rescue POWs, which reward you with weapon upgrades
and items used to increase your score.  There are also vehicles (and even a
laser-shooting ostrich) placed throughout the levels which allow you to get in
and cause massive amounts of damage.  In addition, as you rack up constant
kills, you can keep a meter going that allows coins to spill from the enemies
you kill, resulting in a plethora of points for you to pick up.

The two main modes of the game are the Main Mission mode, which takes you through 7 chapters and can be played single player or ad-hoc multiplayer, and the Combat School, which consists of 70+ mini-missions with varying goals.

The Main Mission can be completed in an hour. Well, actually, it wasn

The Combat School has you working on bite-sized missions that have specific goals in mind. For instance, you might have to avoid falling obstacles for a certain time limit or eliminate all enemies with only a hand gun and grenades. The faster you achieve the goal, the higher the rating you will receive.

So, let