Beenox has brought us some fantastic PC ports of Raven

The game kicks off with some fantastic CGI work, courtesy of Blur Studios, in an intro showing off Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and quite a few other Marvel heroes.  Once the first level loads, you

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a great auditory experience.  The background music is dynamic and changes as you encounter tougher enemies and bosses.  As the situation grows grim, the music reacts accordingly.  If you don

X-Men Legends II had a really great control scheme, and Raven really didn

The gameplay formula for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was already well established with previous Raven titles.  Like any good recipe, there is almost always room for improvement.  Maybe you like a bit more spice, maybe you want a bit more consistency

The single player game clicks in at roughly 25 hours. Since the game does keep track of what missions you take, what objectives you skip, and how you interact throughout the game, you’ll have many opportunities to alter the outcome of the game via your actions, or the cooperative actions of you and your friends. These friends can use the online system to join your game at any point by connecting to your PC via the Gamespy-powered online system, or plugging in a controller. Like any good adventure title, there are secret areas that you can find, so having a second, third, or fourth pair of eyes never hurts, right?  It isn