I Lunar SSH tells the story of Alex, a teenager that grew up idolizing Dyne the Dragonmaster.  Dyne, along with three other heroes, saved the world from a powerful evil years ago, and the Four Heroes are revered throughout the land as saviors. When Dyne mysteriously disappears, however, there is no Dragonmaster to take his place and, of course, all manner of nasty beasties start crawling out of the woodwork.  Alex has dreamed of becoming the next Dragonmaster since he was a kid, and figures now is a good a time as any to get started.  So off he goes with his friend Luna and flying talking cat-thing Nall to seek his adventure and save the world.  Predictably, they meet up with wicked villains and unexpected companions, travel to far-off wondrous lands, fight dreadful monsters, and save the day.

While Lunar wasn That being said, I think the tale is entertaining enough to keep most gamers interested throughout.  It helps that the diverse cast is interesting and well developed, and the writing is uniformly excellent.  I It helps that Lunar fares very well in the graphics department.  All the artwork has been rerendered at high resolution for the PSP, and it looks fantastic.  The game exudes a real sense of old-school charm, both in the detailed towns and dungeons, as well as the well-animated sprites.  You can tell a few bells and whistles were added to the combat, and overall I Things don