There is a subset of games that are best described as 100% pure, unadulterated Japanese quirkiness.  Games like Katamari Damacy, Patapon, Rez, Pikmin, etc. are games that fall well outside the box of standard genre classification, are supremely creative, are completely bizarre, and are generally very well-received in the gaming press.  Unfortunately, most of these games fall completely flat with me.   There

At first glace, I was rather disappointed with LR2

It is a testament to the talent of the LR2

The control scheme for LR2 is amazingly simple.  You take control of a LocoRoco, which is an anthropomorphic blob of what appears to be jello.  Having no arms or legs, it

I It will probably only take a few days for dedicated gamers to rip through the main storyline in LR2.  However, most of the fun comes from replaying the levels and trying to either find all the secret items and areas, or simply trying to best your previous time.  With multiple paths and branches in every world, there