Using tilting Wii

The graphics in this game are not what it is about. However, the graphics are sharp enough to be highly functional.  Whether you

You start the game with a single, non-descript, jingle playing in the background. It

The control system of the Wii is, by now, legendary. The Wiimote allows the user such control that the marble may well as be on the back of your hand. The reaction is swift and clean and responsive to your moves so managing momentum is hardly a chore. Different marbles have different handling characteristics such as being heavier, faster, or slower than the Cat

The first 30 minutes I spent on this game I had a blast. The puzzles were pretty easy, but I was unlocking things left and right and was tickled about the whole experience. However, it was not long until the puzzles became nearly tedious and short lived. For the majority, they were quite quick and simple, or they were sanity-testing efforts of mayhem and sheer luck. I growled and cursed several levels until I managed to get through them feeling like hours had passed when, in fact, my longest time of completion was less than 7 minutes. The clock never stops running once it starts until you complete the level so we There are plenty of options and hidden parts of the game to keep you coming back for a bit. Kororinpa: Marble Mania is as much fun to play as it is hard to pronounce. It doesn