The Kingdom Hearts saga is among the strangest concepts to come down the gaming pipeline in some time, and considering the competition that



Energy and vibrant color are two things ReCoded is infused with. The story may not make a lick of sense, but the lack of coherence pales in comparison to the sheer glee felt when Sora gets to aid Alice find her scattered memories in Wonderland, or help Hercules in a stylized Greece reminiscent of the artwork found on pottery of the era. At one point early on, Sora wonders aloud why he

Square knows how to engineer the complex which they certainly succeeded in doing in ReCoded. It seems to be their calling card, and by making their games more difficult than they should in certain ways they are actively sapping the goodwill of the general public at large. The circuit board is easy enough to navigate once you get the hang of things, but it

A contributing factor to some of the pain is the camera. In order to move it at all, you have to hit the right shoulder button and yes, that includes while you