Growing up I remember watching the SuperFriends.  I remember how the band of superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Aquaman, and the Wonder Twins would fight against the Legion of Doom.  Yes, some of it was as cheesy as a full cheese roll of cheddar, but back in those days as a kid it didn

The main characters of JLH are rendered with bulking muscles that really show off how skin-tight their spandex costumes are.  Their capes flow while running and flying.  They move smoothly while running or walking without exaggerated movements.  Not only that, but their alternate costumes were created with the same care as the original ones.  They really look like they could have used any of the costumes for the initial costume.

The backgrounds are varied well enough without feeling disjointed compared to the rest of the level.  You

The music is intense, like you might expect from a super hero game like this.  Several percussion instruments fill the background while minor chords pronounced by trumpets add to the tension.  Strings bring an air of majesty to the music, giving the music a ray of sunshine in the otherwise stressful chords.

The voice acting is competent for the title, but those who are used to the voices from the Justice League cartoon will find the differences jarring.  It

If you

JLH plays very much like any other overhead perspective action RPG.  You move your character around and fight against enemies that appear on the screen.  You pummel the enemies with melee attacks most of the time.  Your health and power meters show how much damage you can take and how much energy they have for super powers.  An experience meter that circles your character portrait fills up as you defeat enemies.  The Heroic Meter fills up when you attack flawlessly with combos.  Once it is full you can perform a Heroic Attack.

When you power up, you can upgrade your character in the stats screen using the skill point.  You can have up to five ranks for each power.  While it

JLH gives you the ability to add in a second player at any time.  All you need to do is pause the game, select