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JumpStart Pet Rescue marks the first time that a JumpStart game has been released on Nintendo

My son is not exactly a computer or video game wizard. He is more interested in playing outside than he is with playing on the computer, so I was a bit worried that he wouldn

JumpStart Pet Rescue is presented in a storybook fashion divided into five different zones. Each zone has the child collecting clues to find a lost pet. The clues take them from learning stage to learning stage and when they have finally collected all of the clues they will get to read along with a story. It

I was fairly surprised by the amount of content packed into this title. In all there are 5 different zones for the children to explore, each with their own learning games. In total there are 70 different learning lessons. Included in the mix are sing-a-long videos, action oriented exploration games, matching games, story books, etc. Throughout the course of play the children will gain pets that they can feed, groom , train and even play with. To round it all out your child can customize their character

Graphically the game isn