Let me get this out of the way first. John Daly is my favorite pro golfer. Any guy who can down a case of beer while playing 18 holes and still finish under par is ok in my book. He

Mover and a Shaker


The primary reason gamers will want to consider John Daly


Another problem with the gameplay is the overall difficulty of the game, especially with putting and the short game. Some of this goes back to not being able to accurately apply the right amount of power to your chip shots. Often resulting in an approach shot that is really short or one that flies past the green. With putting, the difficulty doesn

The biggest problem with this entire setup is that at the beginning of career mode there is only one course you can try and beating John Daly in the four challenges is extremely difficult. Can

Is This The Wii Version?


Visually the game looks like a decent Wii game. Grass and tress are present and they blow with the wind. But don