Among the benefits of seeing behind-closed-doors sessions at E3 is the chance to see things long before the general public catches wind of what developers have in the pipeline. One of the prime examples this year was EA


Before writing up the score for the expansion I first went back and reviewed the score I gave the original game. Since the sound effects have all remained the same for Episode 1, there was nothing on that front that stood apart from the original game. Even all of the explosions were recycled, or kept uniform depending on your point of view, but I didn

The controls are completely customizable and revolve around the standard W-A-S-D configuration for the keyboard. The mouse is used for your aiming, or you can play the keyboard jockey and discard the mouse altogether. Nothing has changed here so what worked before works just as well now. I do wish console developers would allow for most customized options in their games instead of giving us four different patterns that make less and less sense as you scroll through them.

But that

The gameplay for Episode 1 is a little tricky to get a solid grasp on because overall it feels very schizophrenic. One minute Gordon and Alyx sprint through zombie-infested sewers only to run smack dab into a series of elaborate physics puzzle deathtraps, and when they come out the other side they have to fend off another army of swarming enemies. The game feels like a short expansion pack because there