Gun hit shelves for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, and PC in November of last year, and on October 11th, we get to see how Rebellion Software has improved the PSP version of the title for its handheld debut. 

As Gun Showdown features the same storyline as its console and PC counterparts, we are once again thrown into the Wild West of 1880.  Our story is that of Ned and Colton White, traveling hunters who sell their game and fur to local steamships that run up and down the rivers.  During their most recent outing, Ned and Colton meet up with a prostitute from Ned

Bringing the world of Gun alive on the console and PC platform is one thing, pulling off a rich and expansive representation of 1800s Montana is something else entirely.  The world of Gun is one that seems to stretch on forever

Top notch quality games can easily be drummed into the ground with bad voice acting.  There are too many games to mention that fall into this category

Without dual analog support, Gun

When Ned pushed you over the side of the steamboat, the token for the Alahambra tucked away in your vest, he had no idea of the depth of the trouble you The big hitch with the original Gun was the length.  Granted, there were many side missions (as there are in Showdown) such as the Pony Express, Bounty, and even some Indian missions where you