Grand Theft Auto IV Review

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When you think of a sandbox title you have to know that it simply won

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had the best soundtrack thus far, in my opinion.  Perhaps that is just my slant towards 80

Controlling Nico is a fairly straightforward affair in Grand Theft Auto IV.  While on foot, you

There was one thing about GTA III and all of the spinoffs that really got under my skin.  Rockstar, with the best intentions, asked players to complete missions using specific items.  You might have to track down a particular target using ONLY the bread van and then shoot him using ONLY the pistol.  These restrictions prevented players from running rampant with Banshees and Rocket Launchers, but it locked players into replaying missions ad nauseum until they could manage to complete the objective in the exact method specified.  When polling friends who had played the previous GTA titles, they all cited frustration with this mechanic, and a great many of them had not completed the games as a result.  To make the game more accessible, Rockstar has eased the requirements on missions.  A great example of this is a chase that asks you to run somebody down on a motorcycle.  After a few attempts and subsequently flying over the top of my motorcycle too many times I nabbed a Banshee and parked it near the mission start.  Needless to say the target didn


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