GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is an iconic game in video game lore. Up until then, there were questions as to whether or not you could even make a half-way decent first-person shooter for a console, let alone have multiplayer. I mean, grab a piece of paper and write down all the first-person shooters that came out for consoles before GoldenEye. I

However, come people have accused game companies of using the GoldenEye name improperly. GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is an oft-cited example of a game that used the name and thoroughly crapped all over it. Now, the GoldenEye license is in the hands of Activision. Would the same thing happen? Would a treasured gaming landmark have a giant, steaming, coiled pile of poop dropped on it a second time with the version for the Wii?


Bond. James Bond.


First off, this game is not a shot-for-shot remake. While some of the familiar beats are there and many of the level designs are inspired by the original, it stands on its own two feet and does it surprisingly well.


The graphics are very nice. Explosions feel visceral, melee takedowns are entertaining to watch, and most locations look rather sharp. I can only think of one occasion that I rolled my eyes at the graphics. During a trip to a club, a lot of the people standing around in the club and dancing are merely silhouettes. It looked a little silly, but once the action started up and the raving silhouettes ran off into the night, I almost forgot all about it. Almost.

The sound in GoldenEye 007 is excellent too. This being a reimagining of GoldenEye, they

I Must Be Dreaming


However, multiplayer is really where GoldenEye 007 came alive back in the day, and the same principle holds here. I can

However, hackers have gotten their filthy hands on this system already. Cheating has been reported, as well as people suddenly having the maximum amount of experience points. It

There are still some flaws in GoldenEye, though. For example, respawning enemies are a constant concern. I laughed out loud when I looked through my scope and saw and enemy pop out of thin air directly in front of me. I know Call of Duty uses respawning enemies as well, but it