Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar Review

There are many visions of the future. Most of them are not pretty. Galactic Civilizations2: Dark Avatar is no exception. Well, I mean to say bleak because the game looks pretty cool. In only a year, the next chapter from Dread Lords, this campaign has you cleaning up the mess. By mess I mean the vast number of depleted Civilizations that fought back the Dread Lords from the previous war. Now it is up to you, as Drengin /dren

The graphics in this one are still very nice, and with some improvements over the last one. While there is still the same basic interface with a flat map and The music is still a nice score with lots of soothing melodies and the vocalists are quite good while you wait for the game to load. They keep it minimalist from there. In game there is a nice dramatic harmony in the background, but aside from a few beeps, clicks and the occasional explosion there is not much noise in the game at all. There are no blasts from engines as your fleet cuts the parsecs of space; no cheers of victory, or jeers of failure. However, when there are fleets fighting other fleets

The game can still be largely controlled by the mouse alone. These mouse clicks can be done quickly and without fear of accidentally clicking the wrong thing very often. It was very rare that I clicked poorly, and rarer still that it cost me anything serious. Everything is flat and pieced together logically. There are multiple ways to get to many areas so one does not have to worry about lengthy linear process to get to a game function. For example, if I

I won

The game is never the same twice. Your research needs change, your resources change, your enemies change. Even the campaign has multiple paths so if you blow it you can go on and try to recover some dignity. Because it is turn based there is no frantic clicking and cursing. There is some planning necessary so you don

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