We have all done many important things as gamers.  We have destroyed worlds.  We have saved alien races.  We have toppled governments, built empires, and ousted ruthless dictators.  We have liberated princesses and captured slaves.  We have won the Super Bowl, World Cup, Stanley Cup, and Heavyweight Title

Faerie Solitaire is the latest creation from the two-man team at Subsoap Games.  It

In addition to the card stacks, you

You can use the gold you receive from each hand to purchase helpful buildings throughout the game (similar to the town screen in the Heroes of Might & Magic titles).  These buildings will do everything from providing an extra undo to seeing which card comes next in the stack.  I found that there are a few buildings that were far more useful than others, but each one of the dozen or so served to help the player in some fashion.  The player would also sometimes run across resources (stone, wood, etc.) when completing a stack, along with different colored eggs.  These eggs then went into a hatchery, which allowed you to raise pets from babies to adults, Pokemon-style.  Unfortunately, this was felt like a wasted aspect of the game.  While the idea of collecting resources and leveling up pets was a good one, the pets didn

Faerie Solitaire The segments all take place in a different locale, and are punctuated by some beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds.  For a low-budget title, I was extremely impressed with the background graphics, card animations, and lighting effects.  There