While playing through Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, I came to the realization that we are finally in the golden age of this generation of consoles.  Developers have now had time to perfect game engines and they know all the ins and outs of each console. They have also created new high marks in the gaming industry. Game

Engaging Story


Enslaved starts off with a bang. You play as an extremely athletic hero who goes by the name of Monkey. Monkey finds himself captured aboard a slave ship that is going up in flames due to another captive

Copied Gameplay


As far as gameplay goes,  Enslaved is one part exploration and acrobatics and one part combat. Monkey must keep Trip alive and so he spends a large part of the game protecting her and looking for ways to safely traverse the decaying New York landscape. Monkey is extremely athletic and can jump from hand-hold to hand-hold and pole to pole with the best of them. Finding the next spot to jump to is fairly straight forward as any object that you can jump to will glow.

The combat in Enslaved consists mostly of hand-to-hand fighting. Monkey uses a futuristic bo staff which can shrink down to fit snuggly on his arm (Similar to the original tale’s staff). The actual fighting is fast paced and only uses three buttons. One for light attacks, one for heavy attacks and one to block. There is a small element of a combo system, but don

Monkey Progression


Players do have the ability to level up Monkey as the game progresses. Killing enemies results in experience orbs dropping. You can also collect orbs throughout each level by exploring every nook and cranny. The orbs can be used to power up Monkey

This leads to my second main complaint. The movement controls in Enslaved aren