When you hear the words

The graphics in EDF2017 are definitely a step down from what we

When you first load up the game and make your menu selections, you hear sounds like some kind of

The controls are very basic, and anyone with any kind of console shooter experience should have no issues with the controls.  Using the left analog stick or the d-pad, you move and strafe.  The right analog stick handles aiming.  The left trigger jumps and rolls, while the right trigger is assigned to firing.  The right bumper switches weapons while the left bumper zooms.

There are a few vehicles in the game, and these control rather differently from the normal controls.  The controls make sense, and they will use the face buttons for firing.  Sometimes it can take a while to get used to switching gears so quickly.

EDF2017 reminded me a bit of the movie Starship Troopers.  In Starship Troopers you have a bunch of soldiers fighting against wave after wave of fast moving giant bugs.  EDF2017 has you fighting against wave after wave of giant ants, spiders, gunships, and dino-mechs.  The enemies can overwhelm you easily, especially on the higher difficulty levels.  Your teammates do a better job than some of the brain dead AI seen in other games, but your partners don

EDF2017 does allow for two-player cooperative play.  If you can get with a buddy to play this game, it can be a lot of fun, especially for those who are getting used to console shooters.  Unfortunately co-op play over Xbox Live isn