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It seems to me that the graphics have received something of a polish since the first game. By no means is it a complete overhaul, but Destroy All Humans! 2 definitely appears sharper and cleaner than the original. This is definitely a good thing because while the first game certainly looked sharp enough, the sequel feels more refined in its appearance. Characters don

Grant Albrecht and Richard Horvitz both deserve medals for how well they perform as Cryptosporidium and Pox, respectively. I would imagine their voices were recorded separately but the banter between them is so fast and furious you

Controlling Crypto isn

Crypto may not have the widest assortment of mission types to choose from in his latest adventure, but each and every one of them has enough quirks and twists to them to distract players from realizing how repetitive it truly is. The “Odd Job” side missions involve either ruining peoples

At $40 retail, gamers will find an amazing amount of game for their buck. There are hundreds of things to do and find and collect, and just about everything is fun to do. There are a few glitches here and there but even those can be looked past for the greater good. I only experienced one instance where a major character was hung up on a door, and early in the game there is one mission I couldn