Z-Man Games

Playing the 2014 Spiel des Jahres nominees

by 2 months ago

Hobbyist gamers all over the world owe the Germans a great debt. Our Teutonic friends are largely responsible for the thriving board game hobby we enjoy today. Not only do …

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Pandemic infects the iPad on October 3rd

by 11 months ago

The new version of Pandemic has increased the popularity of the game, but it has been surprising that we haven't seen any electronic versions of it.  It seems like it …

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Carcassonne now available at Toys “R” Us

by 12 months ago

A while ago Z-Man announced that they would be taking over publishing for the entire Carcassonne line.  While I thought this was interesting news, I didn't think much of it …

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F2Z Digital Media to make digital versions of Z-Man games

by 1 year ago

If you have ever played Pandemic, then you know how much fun it can be sitting around a table, curing diseases, and stopping outbreaks from occurring.  Sometimes you don't have …

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