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Lord of the wraiths- Shadow of Mordor preview

by 5 months ago

    Ever since Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy took the world by storm, Middle Earth has had a place among the world of gamers. LOTR has had many different …

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    New Batman: Arkham Origins DLC released, adds new costumes and content

    by 12 months ago

    If you're still playing Batman: Arkham Origins, new DLC packs have been released today which will add new skins and content to all versions of the game. Check out the …

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    Gandalf, quit feeding! Guardians of Middle-earth is bringing more MOBA action to the PC

    by 1 year ago

    Guardians of Middle-earth, the MOBA┬áset in the incredibly popular good-versus-evil world of Tolkien, will soon be launching on the PC - and those of you who are curious about just …

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