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Deadly Premonition Visual Companion gets permanent price cut

by 9 months ago

I'll admit it, I will take every chance I can possibly get to write about Deadly Premonition. In my mind, it's without a doubt the most under appreciated game of …

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Forget Zelda, Girls’ Fashion Shoot is coming to 3DS next week and we’ve got video and screenshots

by 10 months ago

Girls are princesses; they love fashion, they love the color pink, they are all innately born as clothing designers. That's why all girls, and even boys with a special eye …

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Hey Zach, did you know Deadly Premonition was out on PC?

by 11 months ago

With All Hallow's Eve approaching, it's somewhat fitting that PC gamers will finally get access to one of the strangest, most impenetrable games in recent memory: Deadly Premonition.  Imagine mixing …

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Strange times are coming to PC as Deadly Premonition appears on Steam Greenlight

by 1 year ago

Deadly Premonition is one of those games that nobody's played, but everybody knows about--a bizarre, enrapturing mixture of J-horror, Alan Wake, and an acid trip.  It's easy to see why …

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