Ninja Division

Crazy Eights: Tuomas Pirinen on Warforged: First Contact

by 4 months ago

Designers who work for an established company often create great games, but sometimes they have to work within specific properties and guidelines.  With Kickstarter, it's easier to make a game …

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Crazy Eights: Benjamin Yamada on Way of the Fighter

by 9 months ago

While the fighting genre has a bit of a resurgence since Street Fighter IV was released, board games haven't had many games that simulate this action.  While there's Yomi and …

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Ninja Division to publish Mage Company titles in North America

by 2 years ago

Ninja Division is well known for their miniatures games which include the Super Dungeon Explore series, Alien vs. Predator, Relic Knights, and the upcoming Ninja All-Stars.  Mage Company have done …

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