Kalypso Media USA

Port Royale 3 Gold sets sail this month

by 12 months ago

Everyone is focused on some Assassin swimming/boating simulator thingie later this year for their pirate sailing needs, but it isn't the only title to take the high seas this year.   …

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Tropico 4 get some “Voodoo” DLC

by 1 year ago

Everyone's favorite dictatorship simulator is receiving some nice DLC! Launching today, Kalypso Media has unveiled their new DLC pack for Tropico 4 entitled "Voodoo." The Tropico series has always been …

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Jagged Alliance: Crossfire Details and Trailer

by 2 years ago

    A new trailer for tactical-RPG Jagged Alliance: Crossfire  has emerged and takes us on a guided tour through Khanpaa, a nation under mercenery control. Crossfire  is a standalone expansion to …

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