Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition is a PS4 exclusive

by 4 weeks ago

I have to hand it to bitComposer and Games Farm.  They got chewed up a bit by the community on their previous-gen launch of Air Conflicts: Vietnam, but they've gone …

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Port Royale 3 Gold Edition coming this month

by 3 months ago

The team at Kalipso and Ascaron are prepping to set sail with a Gold Edition of their hit on the high seas, Port Royale 3 this month.  The game will …

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El Presidente returns with Tropico 4 Apocalypse DLC

by 6 months ago

El Presidente is back at it again.  This morning we've got screenshots for the freshly-released "Apocalypse" DLC for Tropico 4!  What's the expansion all about? The Cold War has turned …

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El Presidente releases screens for Tropico 5, citizens appeased

by 8 months ago

HOLA!   El Presidente has returned from the land of Lederhosen and has brought with him five new early screenshots from Tropico 5.   What will the new city-builder / Dictator simulator …

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Tropico 4 Propaganda DLC pics and details

by 8 months ago

Buenos dias, El Presidente!  Welcome back.  Today we have some screenshots for the just-released DLC for Tropico 4, entitled "Propaganda".   For $4.99 or 400 MS alien dollars you can pick …

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DARK gets a new skills trailer

by 11 months ago

We are getting pretty close to the release date for Dark, the vampire-themed stealth/action title from Kalipso and RealmForge Studios.  In anticipation of that, we've got a video showing off …

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Gaming Trend’s 55 most anticipated releases of 2013

by 1 year ago

2013 is looking to be a great year for video game releases. We've got a ton of great titles that were pushed into this year from the holidays, we've got …

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