Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition is a PS4 exclusive

by 5 months ago

I have to hand it to bitComposer and Games Farm.  They got chewed up a bit by the community on their previous-gen launch of Air Conflicts: Vietnam, but they've gone …

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Port Royale 3 Gold Edition coming this month

by 7 months ago

The team at Kalipso and Ascaron are prepping to set sail with a Gold Edition of their hit on the high seas, Port Royale 3 this month.  The game will …

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El Presidente returns with Tropico 4 Apocalypse DLC

by 10 months ago

El Presidente is back at it again.  This morning we've got screenshots for the freshly-released "Apocalypse" DLC for Tropico 4!  What's the expansion all about? The Cold War has turned …

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El Presidente releases screens for Tropico 5, citizens appeased

by 12 months ago

HOLA!   El Presidente has returned from the land of Lederhosen and has brought with him five new early screenshots from Tropico 5.   What will the new city-builder / Dictator simulator …

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Tropico 4 Propaganda DLC pics and details

by 1 year ago

Buenos dias, El Presidente!  Welcome back.  Today we have some screenshots for the just-released DLC for Tropico 4, entitled "Propaganda".   For $4.99 or 400 MS alien dollars you can pick …

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DARK gets a new skills trailer

by 1 year ago

We are getting pretty close to the release date for Dark, the vampire-themed stealth/action title from Kalipso and RealmForge Studios.  In anticipation of that, we've got a video showing off …

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Gaming Trend’s 55 most anticipated releases of 2013

by 2 years ago

2013 is looking to be a great year for video game releases. We've got a ton of great titles that were pushed into this year from the holidays, we've got …

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